Magic American muffins

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Muffins - it seems that these magical little cupcakes were always in our kitchen. This lovely and quick dessert makes us happy already since the 18th century with its taste and aroma. Why I chose this recipe? It's simple - these muffins are cooked with nuts and a minimal amount of oil and, most importantly, they stay crisp and delicious for several days! The history of this dessert You'll find inside the prescription, as well as a little historical essay about the muffins!

Ingredients for Magic American muffins

Step by step instruction of cooking Magic American muffins

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The history of this recipe is very simple and I think that happened to many visitors of the site!)) We sat with a girlfriend before the new year, drank coffee and chatted, talking about what it does not want the 31 December in the morning to stand at the stove, in the evening forces at all. To discuss-and I wonder how to solve this problem. Through much experimentation, I found a recipe for muffins, which remain soft and crumbly for several days. Before serving, You decorate them according to your taste and enjoy the holiday!
Well, now the recipe. We will need 100 gr of walnuts,

we puree them in the blender.

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Eggs, beat with sugar until then, until the sugar is dissolved. I love big brown sugar, it gives the dish a great taste.

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Sift the flour and combine it with the walnuts.

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Melt the butter and add the flour and nuts.

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Here you can digress from the recipe, I take the yogurt and add to it soda, but you can take yogurt. Just yogurt I have is rare, and the yogurt is always)))
Yogurt is increased in 2 times. Do not be afraid! Add it to the dough.

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Final touch - add the eggs with the sugar and mix everything.

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Further, it is possible to safely deviate from the recipe and taking the muffins out of the oven, go or sleep, but if you have a little more time, you can make chocolate decorations. To do this in a saucepan, combine 10 g of cream, 50 grams of chocolate and cinnamon. All heated and stir until smooth.

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Fill any small molds chocolate mass and sent overnight in the freezer.

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And then came the long-awaited festive morning or afternoon or evening!)) Get our chocolate decorations out of the freezer. Metal forms they well get if for a couple of seconds to dip them in hot water.

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Prepare the cream, beat the mascarpone, cream and powdered sugar.

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In culinary syringe put a little cream and we start to decorate our muffins.

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Then in the course is fantasy and what is the house of jewellery. I had coconut, some chocolate, beads and our chocolate figures.