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Guacamole is very popular in Mexico. Guacamole is traditionally eaten with corn chips, but you can use your favorite chips and replace them with bread! You can serve it as a sauce (gravy) to different dishes, especially Mexican cuisine.

Ingredients for Guacamole

Step by step instruction of cooking Guacamole

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My vegetables (and fruit ;-), cut the avocado in half, extract the bone and vystavlyaem spoon the flesh.

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Pour lemon juice (or lime), guacamole he needed only to the flesh of the avocado is not darkened.

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Very (!) finely chop the chilli, add to the avocado, pepper, before adding, try, I was not very sharp, so put two.

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Tomato peeled and remove the seeds, finely chop, add to guacamole.

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Finely chop the cilantro, add it and salt.

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Voila =)