Coffee cream caramel mesh

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Tenderness in every spoon... How easy to prepare this dessert, as it is harmonious, flavorful and generous. The cream was prepared as a gift to my mom for mother's Day. Mom moved... I heartily congratulate all the moms! With our holiday, dear! You romantic mood!

Ingredients for Coffee cream caramel mesh

Step by step instruction of cooking Coffee cream caramel mesh

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A prerequisite for making a SUCCESSFUL cream - your good mood! Otherwise it will not work!
First, cook the caramel, which will cover the bottom of our cups or refractory forms. I used a porcelain Cup from the service.
In a cast iron skillet or pan with a thick bottom pour 100 grams of brown sugar. I use for small desserts sugar "Mistral" - its fine crystals dissolve so quickly. This quality helps in the preparation of the cream particularly.

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Added to the specified amount of sugar 4 tbsp of cold water and cook the caramel until smooth, but do not achieve a noticeable darkening. Filled with caramel the bottom of the Cup is about 1.5 - 2 tbsp each.

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Now doing coffee. Take any ground coffee and add it at the beginning of the boiling milk. Once disconnected, cover the saucepan with a lid and insist for 5-7 minutes. Favorite smell.

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Present in milk and coffee thoroughly filtered - 2-3 times, let them cool.

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4 break eggs into a dish for whisking and add the 4 yolks.

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Beat with a mixer the eggs and 50 gr of brown sugar.

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Now we need to connect the coffee-milk beverage and whipped to airy eggs. The egg mixture gently, gradually introduce the milk.
Fill cups with cream. The volume is large, add the mixture gradually, when the mixture in the cups it settle a bit. In parallel to preheat the oven.
Cup put in a tray with high edges. Gently pour water to reach about half the height of the cups.

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For 15-20 minutes before serving, we will make caramel threads. It is very simple as it may sound daunting for someone who never did.
Prepare caramel - 70 g brown sugar proverjaem with a couple of spoons of water. Achieve a characteristic caramel color and viscous consistency.
Coming right choice for our creativity - and we have it!
Need stand under a hot - it will put our pan-the pan with the caramel. Plate, over which you will make filament, and a plate (or like me - a bamboo Mat), which will be our thread to put it in.
Doused in caramel a fork, lifted it over the plate, waiting for the fall of the first drop. And in that moment fingers of the free hand pick up this drop (hot, but bearable!) and pull, pull the strings!
With this it can handle even a child - photos I do, and the threads with gusto wound Sonny.

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The coated Cup-shaped with cream caramel net and quickly carry flavored treats favorite, expensive, the closest!