Cream cheese and phyllo dough

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Husband called from work, said he wanted something sweet. I can take a hint... after 20 minutes was ready his favorite cream and to come home, he'll have time to cool in the fridge. Cheese, cream, honey, nuts... well, someone might not like it...

Ingredients for Cream cheese and phyllo dough

Step by step instruction of cooking Cream cheese and phyllo dough

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Take our dough on one leaf and, turning down the edges, shape the meatballs. They should not be tight. Spread on a baking sheet.

Шаг 2

Put the pan in the oven and keep the dough there until, until it is browned.

Шаг 3

Then separately whisk the cream. Because cream that I have not turned, then whipped is a miracle of technology in the bag, adding it to the milk.

Шаг 4

Leave the cream aside.

Шаг 5

Thoroughly whisk the curd with sugar.

Шаг 6

Add the cinnamon and flavoring.

Шаг 7

Then chunks start to add the whipped cream, reducing the speed of the mixer.

Шаг 8

We get here this cream.

Шаг 9

Take a large form and break half the sheets of dough, stacking them on the bottom of the form. The pieces should not be very small.

Шаг 10

Then gently, so as not to move the dough, spread the cream.

Шаг 11

Then spread the remaining half of phyllo dough, in the same way, breaking it into pieces.

Шаг 12

Top arbitrarily pour honey and sprinkle with walnuts. Cover the form with cling film and put a few hours in the fridge.

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