Strips with mushrooms and spinach

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While on vacation, continue to share my favorite retseptiki. Here's another strip with mushrooms for a light snack. Is also done quickly? as eaten.

Ingredients for Strips with mushrooms and spinach

Step by step instruction of cooking Strips with mushrooms and spinach

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The products we need.

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Fry in olive oil the garlic, add chopped mushrooms and spinach. Season with salt and pepper and season with nutmeg.

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Beat the cheese, sour cream and egg yolk, season with salt and pepper.

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Cut the dough into strips approximately 4 cm in width and 12 in length (I have a eye problem, so I get different sizes for every taste)).
On each strip, apply the cottage cheese -egg mixture, and top the mushrooms with spinach.

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Bake in a preheated 220 degrees (blowing 200 degrees) for 15-20 minutes.

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