Cake "On motives of Cyrano"

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Very tasty, sweet cake with an amazing cream. This cream distinguishes it from other cakes. It's a little complicated to make, but the result is worth it. I have not met people who would not like this cake. Recipe Stelios Pallaresa, in which I dared to change - to replace the sponge for a more gentle (to avoid wetting the cakes with the syrup). Special thanks to Svetlana diana1616 the idea of cake decorating.

Ingredients for Cake "On motives of Cyrano"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "On motives of Cyrano"

Шаг 1

Detachable 8 protein and whisk them.

Шаг 2

Separately very well, beat 8 egg yolks with 270 g of sugar. Add the cognac.

Шаг 3

Then slowly add the sifted flour with cocoa and baking powder. Turn off the mixer.

Шаг 4

Then gradually add the beaten egg whites into a mass with flour and with a spatula gently movements from the bottom up their mix up.

Шаг 5

We get that a lot.

Шаг 6

Pour it into a form 26 that is lined with baking paper and bake at 180 degrees.
Check the readiness with a skewer: when stepping back about 5 centimetres from the edge of the cake, it will dry, and when checking the center of the cake - moist, the cake is ready. It is important not to overdo it in the oven. I have it takes about 35 minutes.

Шаг 7

Leave the cake in the shape until cool.

Шаг 8

Let us further cream. For the cream we need to combine the melted chocolate with Italian meringue, 50 ml of cream and 400 ml of whipped cream.
First melt in a water bath of 180 g of chocolate.

Шаг 9

Begin to whisk 4 protein. And at the same time in a pan pour 50 grams of water and 175 g of sugar, put on fire. We need to bring the syrup up to 124-125 degrees.

Шаг 10

Then in our sbivautsa proteins pour in the hot syrup. Continue whisking for another 5 minutes.

Шаг 11

Now in the still warm meringue, add the melted chocolate and stir with a spatula.

Шаг 12

Beat 400 ml cream.

Шаг 13

Now we can finish the cream, adding the meringue with chocolate 50 ml of cream and 400 ml cream whipped.

Шаг 14

It turns out to be cream.

Шаг 15

With thread cut cake into 3 layers.

Шаг 16

The top Korzh put the first on a serving dish. Put around the cake Board. Put half of the cream.

Шаг 17

Then the second cake and the 2nd half of the cream. Cover with the 3rd (bottom) layer.
Put the cake in the fridge, take out and decorate it will be after 8 hours. But I always decorate cakes for the next day to have enough time to freeze.

Шаг 18

After the cake is frozen, hold the knife on the inner side of the form and remove it. Knife to flatten the cream.
Then the heated cream (200ml) and pour them chocolate (200g), broken into small pieces. Leave for a few minutes so the chocolate melt and stir until smooth. When the ganache has cooled and "heavier" they fill the entire surface of the cake. Decorate with chocolate.

Шаг 19

This time I decided to decorate the cake with petals whipped with binder, powdered sugar and flavoring, cream, multiple stained in brown color. Thanks again She diana1616 for the idea!

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