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Pork rolls in Japanese style

Pork rolls in Japanese style

Quite a simple recipe, but it turned out so delicious that I couldn't not share! Pork magically during transformirovalsya marinating the beef in appearance and taste, and quite spicy filling sounds here are very harmonious. Good for weekdays and holidays! Recommend!

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Ingredients for Pork rolls in Japanese style

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pork rolls in Japanese style

Step 1

Cut the meat into pieces with a thickness of примерно1 see

Step 2

Cover the pieces of meat wrap and repel, that they would steel with a thickness of about 3-5 mm.

Step 3

The recipe was proposed to use cashews. In the shop it was not, therefore, replaced by almonds. So, cashews (almonds) chopped and fry in a dry pan.

Step 4

Grind garlic, ginger and pepper.

Step 5

Slice lengthwise very thinly carrots I used a grater for Korean carrot.

Step 6

Carrots mixed with chili, garlic and ginger, stir and leave to marinate.

Step 7

I decided to prepare side dishes - basmati rice mix, blend basmati with wild rice. Some rolls for dinner was not enough for me.

Step 8

After 2 hours take out the marinated meat from the fridge, stacked on top of each piece of meat spicy carrot blend, a couple of green onion, sprinkle with nuts and turn the roll.

Step 9

The edges of the roll can shove a toothpick or tie with cooking string.

Step 10

Put rolls in a baking dish, every brush with olive oil. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 200C.

Step 11

The smells when baking are absolutely crazy! If repulsed meat thinly, keep the rolls in the oven more than 15 minutes, otherwise it will dry out and be tasteless. Before serving, the threads need to be removed.