Perigord salad

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Salade perigourdine. Perigord is a region in the South-West of France, which is famous for its beautiful nature, mild climate, rich historical heritage and of course the kitchen. They say that there is enough to bend over to collect the black diamond, truffle. Doing one of the best foie Gras (fatty duck or goose liver).. And the wine Bergerac Cyrano himself worthy.:) Strawberries, walnuts, chestnuts... the possibilities are infinite. That's why, I want to start my week with this region and one of its famous dishes including Perigord salad.

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Ingredients for Perigord salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Perigord salad

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The rest of the process goes much faster. Green salad (I used salad "Oak leaves", but you can take any salad except rurally) wash, dry and cut into fairly large pieces.

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Nuts to cut or break into fairly large pieces.

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Tomatoes cut into slices

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To make the sauce: mix 3st. tablespoons walnut oil (can substitute vegetable), 1st. spoon raspberry vinegar (you can substitute balsamic vinegar) and 1H. L. Dijon mustard.

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And here is a photo of the Burn.

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And one more thing.