Salad "Colonel"

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We have opened a new specialized fish store. "Albatross" is called. Actually, just moved into a new large room. Beautiful, spacious))) And wall tiled the same as my bathtub... with a nautical theme. Walked in and saw the jar with the liver of cod, and so I wanted the salad from it. Well, it's just a childhood memory))) However, in childhood the mother made only the liver, eggs and onions. This recipe is from a magazine "School deli".

Ingredients for Salad "Colonel"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Colonel"

Шаг 1

Liver remove on paper towels and let them drain well.

Шаг 2

Cucumbers cut into small cubes, celery - thin slices, eggs cut into cubes. Mix in a bowl.

Шаг 3

The liver can be simply crushed with a fork or cut into cubes, add to other ingredients and mix well.

Шаг 4

Onions and greens wash, dry and chop. Add to salad and mix well.

Шаг 5

Put the salad in a salad bowl and decorate with thin strips of sweet red pepper. Bon appetit.

Шаг 6

If the salad seems dry, you can fill it with small amount of mayonnaise. I have a dressing of sour cream, whipped with fresh herbs and green onions + French mustard and a little soy sauce.