Burgers from redfin

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My friend's husband is a fisherman. Sometimes I come home from fishing, navezut different fish here and call us to visit on the distribution of this wealth. And all of that a friend of my fish hates it and prepare to love her, and not want to learn. And here the other day we come to visit them, and they have polvani redfin. And how could we not repudiate, gave our friends on the package! I got 1, 5 kg. I come home, and what to do with it - I don't know. I'm not used to cooking with such a small fish. Rescued podrugki husband, gave a few recipes. I chose, in my opinion, more delicious. Cutlets from redfin was very gentle. Sharing the recipe.

Ingredients for Burgers from redfin

Step by step instruction of cooking Burgers from redfin

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These are the cakes I did. Vkusneishee. Kids love to eat.

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I have some fish stock, somewhere half a Cup. That day on the side I cooked the potatoes, so as not to disappear for good, I did the following.

With boiled potatoes, drained the water, poured it in a large frying pan, pour the remaining broth, added some butter, squeezed garlic, chopped fresh herbs, added different spices to taste. Have prototile all of 15 minutes. The result was tasty, potatoes a fishy flavor. Here she is pictured. I hope my recipe will be useful to someone.

Bon appetit.

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That is, in principle, the wealth that I got. 1,5 kg fresh fish.

So, first we need to clean it. Surprisingly it is easier to clean than the big fish. Scales coming off easily, special efforts are made unnecessary. Stysem the scales, cut the abdomen, remove the insides, thoroughly wash them.

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Now you need to save the fish from the bones. Cut off the head, remove fins and backbone. Fish fillet is laid in a separate bowl. Heads, tails, ridges put in a separate bowl, pour the water, salt and boil on slow fire (pictured). So until it looks delicious, our fish after cutting.

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Then add the cutlets fish broth so that the chicken was covered to 2/3. Cover and simmer 8-10 minutes. The fire should be weak, barely boiling. Since the chops I did a lot, first I had them all fried, and then proportionately extinguished.