Jam hot pepper espelette

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Confiture de piment d espelette. This wonderful jam I tried it quite by accident. Once walked at the culinary fair, and I called the young man who traded in products from the Basque country: meats, cheese, cofidur of black cherry and other miscellaneous Goodies. And in a corner modestly there was a small jars labeled "Jam hot pepper espelette". Noticing my glance, he asked me to try it with cheese. I agreed to this with great caution, well, spicy pepper. And with the first bite, I realized that I just fell in love with this jam. I bought three jars, but they are very quickly eaten. And I decided that if this was not find the recipe. My long search was rewarded, and today I share this recipe with you. Well, maybe there's still a thrill?

Ingredients for Jam hot pepper espelette

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam hot pepper espelette

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Pepperoni to do the same. It is better to use disposable gloves.

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Grind in a blender both. Without fanaticism, it is important that remained small pieces.

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For this recipe use sugar Mistral. Larochka, thank you!

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The sugar is mixed with lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of water. Heat over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved.

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To the resulting syrup add the chopped peppers. Bring to boil, remove the foam and Then cook on slow fire for 45-50min.

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Very tasty cheese, with poultry, with meat on the grill. You can also grease the chicken before sending it to spit.