Easy Italian salad with amazing dressing

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Italian contest has long passed, but the recipes I planned to try, all did not end well. Wondering what to cook yourself for dinner, I remembered about this salad. Insalata di cavoli all’ arancia... Sounds nice, isn't it??? The ingredients are simple and few, a combination new to me, the time for preparation need a bit. Why shouldn't I dine in Italian???

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Ingredients for Easy Italian salad with amazing dressing

Step by step instruction of cooking Easy Italian salad with amazing dressing

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As you can see, ingredients little.
Start with boil steamed vegetables (or water) for 5 minutes.

I boiled a lot of different vegetables for the whole family)))

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Now for the dressing.
From one orange to remove the zest.

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Refills the true Italians will certainly mix in a jar with a lid or any tightly sealed container. Let us follow their example.
Put the zest in a small jar.
Orange with peel intact squeezing the juice. Put in a jar.

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Later in the dressing add olive oil, about three times less than juice. Salt and pepper to taste.

Now a jar cover and shake intensely a few times, turns out tender orange butter sauce.

At all Italian sites write that this effect can be achieved by only mixing the seasoning ingredients in a tightly sealed vessel.

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Now, actually, the salad itself.

Orange, which was left without peel, clean knife and cut into thin slices.

Looking ahead, I will say that large pieces look more beautiful, but I would recommend slices of orange cut into 4 pieces and more finely chop the two kinds of cabbage. Then the ingredients are mixed together.