Goulash mixed

215 - 50 минут 4 порции

I wanted mashed potatoes! What would make it? Recipe from the "What was at hand". And the fridge turned out to be pork 300 grams chicken Breasts and stuff 3. It is from these products and turned out to be such a wonderful dinner.

Ingredients for Goulash mixed

Step by step instruction of cooking Goulash mixed

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Chicken and pork cut into pieces/strips. Put in a DIFFERENT container for marinating (the pork separate, chicken separate). Add mustard, salt and spices. All thoroughly, but gently, stir handles, so each piece got its share of the seasonings and mustard. All leave to marinate for any amount of time (the longer the better).

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Withstood selected time to marinate and begin cooking. In a well-heated, greased pan put the PORK, cut onions. After 5-10 minutes in chicken add baking soda - stir lemon juice - stir and starch mix and leave for 15 minutes. The recipe for "Pork carbonate chicken"

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After 15 minutes, the chicken sent to the meat in the pan. There chopped onion - fry. Flour if you want the sauce to be thicker, soup - stew. Of course, in the process of frying and stewing stir periodically.

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Simmer on medium heat for a few minutes until cooked I added dry herbs but it is better fresh. I do not write the exact cooking time, because my plate is better not to focus.