Salad of sprouted Masha "Tergum-Cha"

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Tergum-Cha - Korean salad from sprouted Masha. Needless to say, he is insanely useful. There's a huge number of vitamins and minerals, and, moreover, it is very tasty. How to sprout beans and cook this salad and not only that, I will tell you today.

for Lent

Ingredients for Salad of sprouted Masha "Tergum-Cha"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of sprouted Masha "Tergum-Cha"

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In the morning mash, wash and spread on a damp cloth, you can use cheesecloth, folded several times, or cotton towel. Since we have very hot, I use a towel, because otherwise the liquid evaporates too quickly, and we need to have the cloth was always wet.

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Here is our mash a day later has burst and let sprout. Important - if Mach did not give a sprout and not even burst, germinate further. So when it processes used chemicals.

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And here he is two days later. That is 48 hours + 6-8 hours of soaking in the Bank. At this stage it is possible and to stop, as it is now, mash contains all the useful information that is necessary for our body. But many people prefer to soak mash 5 days, I would like not advise, as in this case, mash loses many useful properties.

In the same way, you can sprout soybeans, chickpeas, wheat, regular peas, and other beans. But! There are sprouted beans not!