Eggplant tomato sauce

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So, continue the theme of the last of the eggplant. Another I found recently on the Internet dish. I really wanted to cook the last of the eggplant.

Ingredients for Eggplant tomato sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggplant tomato sauce

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Well, there certainly is "the finale" eggplant-2012 :) a week ago, was Ukrainian eggplant in supermarkets and on the market at sane prices. But last weekend found only in one place in the market. Already a bit rotten, but at very ridiculous price.

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Though the skin of the eggplant was rotten inside they are quite alive. So that you can still eat, but only dishes that require you to peel away the skin. I have prepared two dishes and both present to the chefs.
Here's the second: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/699 47/

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Eggplant (I have on this dish was 4 small) cut into fairly large cubes.

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Those who do not like the severity of the eggplant, I advise you to salt, leave for 20-30 minutes, squeeze the liquid and only then to fry. I sharpness like eggplant, so I roasted the eggplant first without salt, then add it when they start to appear Golden.

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Tomatoes (alas, at this time they have a greenhouse and relatively expensive, but really this dish is to cook like) cut in a cross, fill with boiling water, leave for 2-3 minutes and remove the skin. Cut large Kubica.

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Onion cut into cubes.

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Fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

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Add the tomatoes, the vinegar, salt, sugar, freshly ground pepper. Cover with a lid and tormented on low heat for about 10 minutes. 2 minutes before the end add squeezed through the frog or mashed with salt garlic.

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On eggplant put tomato sauce, allow to cool to room temperature

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And send in the fridge for 5-6 hours. The sauce gave a lot of liquid. I after insisting merged and extinguished with her meatballs. Came out very tasty!

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Just before serving - sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and cilantro!

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It is very tasty!