Veal blanquette

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The origin of this dish is very difficult to figure out: Normandy, Burgundy, the Rhone-Alps... many regions for many years struggling to call this dish. The first Blanket (Blanquette) appeared in the 18th century and quickly spread throughout France. In those days, the Blanket was only doing from the remains of yesterday's baked meats. And the name comes from the color of the sauce and meat – blanc (white). Blanket and today is one of the most popular family meals, getting together several generations. So, I ask to love and favor...

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Ingredients for Veal blanquette

Step by step instruction of cooking Veal blanquette

Шаг 1

For the broth, we need this set of products. You can even add a petiolar celery, but I forgot.

Шаг 2

Veal cut into small pieces and fry in butter. Pour a little water, and when foam begins to appear, the water drained (I wash the pan).

Шаг 3

In a saucepan with meat, add leeks, an onion stuck cloves, carrots, garlic, Bay leaf. Possible to add thyme, Basil and rosemary, which are better to tie in gauze. Season with salt and pepper. Pour water that just covers the meat and vegetables and simmer for 1 hour 30.

Шаг 4

We will also need the small bulbs. I they were even too big.

Шаг 5

Mushrooms sauté in butter with lemon juice.

Шаг 6

10 minutes before the end of the stewing meat to get rid of the leeks, onions, aromatic herbs and carrots. (Although carrots can be left).

Шаг 7

In a saucepan melt the butter, add the flour, stirring constantly. Then add the meat broth (approximately 0, 5 liters), then proceed to stir.

Шаг 8

Then add sour cream, bring to a boil. Remove from the heat.

Шаг 9

Add the sauce to the meat.

Шаг 10

Then add the mushrooms.

Шаг 11

And caramelized onion.

Шаг 12

And just before serving add the egg yolk. Stir. And serve.

Шаг 13

Very tasty with rice.

Шаг 14

And I still somehow think that this recipe is closer to Normandy, as it is known for its dairy industry. And there are very fond of sour cream, lots of sour cream.))) Can I show you my favorite place in this region? Mount San Michel.