Bagels with marmalade

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Recipe written by my mother in the family cookbook. Where he is unknown. It started with my love of cooking, his own cooking to 12 years. Delicious, hot rolls with milk fly away instantly. Easy and fun to prepare. Mom passed away in November. It devote.

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Ingredients for Bagels with marmalade

Step by step instruction of cooking Bagels with marmalade

Шаг 1

Prepare the dough.
1) Melt margarine, let cool.
2) Dilute the yeast in warm milk.
3) Mix flour, wheat bran, salt, margarine, yeast, stir. The dough will be soft, plastic, sticky hands not be.

Roll out to a sausage, sausage, divide into 4 pieces, form balls and leave to rise under a towel.

Шаг 2

1) Cut the marmalade is 96 bars (if you take a diamond, simply divide the slice in half).
2) Pour in a bowl the brown sugar "Mistral" in another egg white. It to us to decorate the bagels.

Шаг 3

1) Roll out each piece of dough into a circle as thin as possible. Divide it into 8 parts, each one-eighth of divide by 3.
2) Put a piece of marmalade on the wide side and wrap.
3) Top each bagel dipped in egg white, then in sugar and put on baking tray. (the specified number will need 2 baking trays).
4) Bake at 180 degrees until Golden brown (25-35 minutes). When baking follow the marmalade, it can leak, so it is important not to overdo the bagels in the oven. Coat a baking sheet with no need to remove the bagels need more hot and it will stick.

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All sweet life!