Exotic sorbet

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Well, I started my exotic, and since I now have around the clock outside the window is 29 degrees and day 30-35, I decided to make a cooling dessert! NOOO we all always have to watch my figure, and my choice fell on my favorite sorbets! I have several options but because the site already contains recipes for sorbets, I want to show them the most exotic options!

for Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Exotic sorbet

Step by step instruction of cooking Exotic sorbet

Шаг 1

So clean and mix our fruit in the blender with salt!
Further, it necessarily passed through a sieve! Put into the fridge for 30-40 minutes.

Шаг 2

Now dilute the sugar in water and heated until dissolved, allow to cool. Since I was cooking 3 different types, respectively, divided the syrup into 3 parts. I instead of water - coconut water is a liquid which is very useful for stomach; her sterility, content of minerals and sugar is the cause of the effective use of coconut water as the liquid in varicose therapy in emergency situations.

But it is certainly not mandatory in the preparation of our sorbet, but once I started talking about exotics, I will continue ☺

Шаг 3

Now we beat yet again our pureed fruit mixture with syrup and put into the freezer! It would be better to use the freezer, but if not, have probably all know what to do. To mix our ground for 3 hours every 20 minutes.

Шаг 4

The same thing I did with mango but I have one more component - citrus calamansi is something between a lemon, Mandarin and orange, but you can use just the lemon juice.

And then repeat the process of wiping, whipping + freeze!