Cake for Mother's Day

114 - 90 минут 10 порции

To all mothers dedicated.

Ingredients for Cake for Mother's Day

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake for Mother's Day

Шаг 1

The raisins soak poppy put to simmer for 30 minutes, then salt through a sieve and crush with a pestle. I use sugar "Mistral" brown, as it improves significantly the quality of the pastries.

Шаг 2

Nuts cut with a knife.

Шаг 3

For each cake separately to make the dough. For one cake you will need: Starch-1 tbsp Sugar-0.5 cups, 1 egg, 0.5 cups smetana, 0.5 cups flour and 0.5 cups of filler (nuts, raisins, poppy seeds, cocoa). Beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream, starch, flour and soda slaked vinegar ).5 teaspoon and a filler, for example, nuts.

Шаг 4

This norm is 20 cm form. Put in the oven for 20 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Шаг 5

Readiness check wooden stick.

Шаг 6

All cakes baked.

Шаг 7

I will now make cream. In a saucepan pour the milk, put the egg, sugar and stir with a whisk over a slow fire, when the mixture is hot, pour in the starch, diluted in 2 spoons of milk, and continue to interfere. When the mixture thickens, remove from heat and place in a bowl with cold water. After cooling, put oil and heat up, add currant syrup for a bright taste.

Шаг 8

Assemble the cake and coat with cream cakes

Шаг 9

Whisk the condensed milk with the softened butter, add a couple drops of food coloring.

Шаг 10

Draw up the sides

Шаг 11

And the top of the cake. Now it only remains to put it on a plate and serve with tea.