Berry mousse

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-I decided to start a war with the fat! -M-m, I see you have a lot of captured. If this sounds like You, then the recipe for this dessert You will need. We like it a lot.

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Ingredients for Berry mousse

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry mousse

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Berries and yogurt beat with a blender. Curd proteret through the screen (I wiped, I had a baby yogurt), add to berry mass and mix again, add sugar.

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Soak gelatine in Cup of cold boiled water for 10 min. When swell, lower the Cup with the gelatin in hot water and stir until dissolved gelatin. Gelatin to cool in cold water and enter into the prepared weight.

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Pour into kremanku (glasses) and put in a couple of hours in the fridge. Dessert is ready - delicious!

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