Chicken with prunes in multivarku

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This bird hostess and cook for the festive table, and for a quiet family dinner. In this recipe the taste of chicken meat goes well with prunes. The result was tender and very tasty meat with a slight sweet aftertaste. In this case I was very pleased with the sauce. Quite thick, fragrant, with creamy mustard flavor.

Ingredients for Chicken with prunes in multivarku

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with prunes in multivarku

Шаг 1

Prunes good wash and soak in warm water for 1-1.5 hours.

Шаг 2

Meanwhile, chop the onion half rings and carrot cubes.

Шаг 3

Add the vegetables to the meat and fry for another 10 min.

Шаг 4

Then add water, sour cream, tomato sauce, mustard, favorite spices, salt, pepper, all mix well. Set the mode to "EXTINGUISH" 1-1. 5 hours, and yet can be free.

Шаг 5

30 min. before the end add to the meat prunes.

Шаг 6

Try the taste. If necessary, add salt or pepper (to poetry). Or maybe you have your spices there.

Шаг 7

10-15 min. before the end add the finely chopped garlic.