Peas with cheese by Jamie Oliver

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Polka dot Parmesan - delicious does not happen! Congratulate your favorite Boy happy Birthday, I think, a lot of desserts waiting for us today, but I want to offer You a great side dish, very easy and useful which is very fond of children, for me as a mom is very important! Recipe from Jamie Oliver.

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Ingredients for Peas with cheese by Jamie Oliver

Step by step instruction of cooking Peas with cheese by Jamie Oliver

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I have frozen peas, grated Parmesan, 0.5 lemon, white pepper.

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Boil the peas, it takes a few minutes; prepared peas recline in a colander, saving a little water from cooking.

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Pour the peas back into the pan, add oil and a little water, the consistency should be like a risotto. Add white pepper, Parmesan cheese, mix well. Lemon juice is always a good Supplement to the peas, so add it to taste.

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Serve at once: cooling down, the peas become stringy and sticky. I just salted, I loved the taste! I hope You will like it.

Bon appétit!