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Walnut-chocolate Babka "Bailey"

Walnut-chocolate Babka "Bailey"

Who is not sorry in the dough liquor "Bailey" who loves nuts, cappuccino and chocolate, who is not afraid of extra calories - all are invited to air, mega chocolate, soft as a feather, grandmother. This lovely cakes congratulations favorite "cook" happy anniversary and treat all of you - our friendly, loved ones and family chefs already!!!

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings22

Ingredients for Walnut-chocolate Babka "Bailey"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Walnut-chocolate Babka "Bailey"

Step 1

The products that we need!

Step 2

Instant cappuccino pour 100 ml of hot water. Leave to cool.

Step 3

Walnuts grind in a coffee grinder.

Step 4

200 g chocolate, finely chopped.

Step 5

Flour mixed with starch and baking powder, sift.
To introduce ground nuts, mix well.

Step 6

Beat eggs with sugar powder. Beat about 7 minutes.

Step 7

Gradually into the egg mixture introduced sunflower oil and liqueur.

Step 8

Alternating between the dry flour mixture with cappuccino, introduced into the dough and quickly stir.

Step 9

Add the chopped chocolate.

Step 10

The form for the grandmother (22 cm in diameter; 2.5 l capacity) lubricating oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
Pour our dough and put in preheated to 175°oven for 60 - 90 minutes.
Readiness check wooden stick.

Step 11

The finished pie 10 minutes to write in the form, then remove from the mold and leave it to cool down.

Step 12

Chocolate (couverture) chop and melt on a steam bath. Pour the chocolate pudding and decorate.
The original recipe uses couverture, but it is possible to fill the cupcake with icing in your favorite recipe.

Step 13

Happy Birthday, favorite cook!
Bon appetit!