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Chicken cutlets "Guests at the door"

Chicken cutlets "Guests at the door"

These juicy and healthy pork chops just 3 ingredients, not counting spices on the palate. And the stuffing is cooked to a maximum of 3 minutes if, of course, the guests not the whole army) Try it, maybe in Your family they will take root) We like, quickly and easily. I am particularly pleased that when they are fried, a little king tut, give something that smells! This is my debut at the Scullion, do not judge strictly, the dish is simple, but... today I cooked, and shared. I hope at least someone will like!)

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Chicken cutlets "Guests at the door"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken cutlets "Guests at the door"

Step 1

Equal-volume amounts of meat and cabbage to scroll in a meat grinder together with onion.

Step 2

If cakes are sculpted for children, this step and slip, but for larger "people" I add garlic and parsley, relish it turns out)

Step 3

All! The beef is ready! Add salt, pepper to your taste, and you can fry!

Step 4

I fry them on Rast. the oil, on medium heat. Without any breading.

Step 5

Fried meatballs very quickly, within a minute the translucency of meat disappears, and as soon as our cakes are white - you can safely flip. And to what unhealthy brown roast is a purely personal matter. We love the lighter)