Chocolate cake on kefir "Night"

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Came across this recipe in one social. network. The window is -40, the store will not go, and delicious want, and then the recipe before my eyes with a minimal set of ingredients... All are - I decided to try and have not regretted. Ate at a time. Prepares quickly and easily. But with this recipe and decided to make his debut on your favorite website.

Ingredients for Chocolate cake on kefir "Night"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cake on kefir "Night"

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Mix all the ingredients (yogurt, soda, flour, sugar, eggs and cocoa). I used the blender. The batter should be watery.

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Next, pour a thin layer on a baking sheet. I have a big enough pan, so I baked one cake. Bake at t=175С 15-20 minutes. (Recipe from SOC. network the girl was baked in a round form with a diameter of 25 cm. she got 8 cakes). Check with a toothpick in readiness.

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Next, I cut the cake into 4 equal parts (this way I save time).

Each Korzh coat with cream and stacked on each other. The cream can be suitable to your taste. I did the most common. 1 Cup sour cream mixed with 1 Cup of sugar.

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Also decorate according to your taste. I just grated chocolate, for lack of anything else on hand.

I apologize that the photo is not enough. Did everything very quickly, in time to the awakening of the little girl.
Bon appetit!