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Forikol I cooked for the first time. Recipe shared 0503 Nelia, we were grateful. However, I have prepared this dish with beef, the taste is not affected. Forikol (NOK. literally — sheep in cabbage) is one of the most famous Norwegian dishes. Traditional ingredients for his cooking is lamb with the bone, large pieces of cabbage, large, black pepper and a small amount of wheat flour, toadies in the pan for several hours. Garnished dish, usually potatoes, boiled in their skins. This national dish has its own fan club and their day - last Thursday of September is the national Day Trikala. Many Norwegians are fans of Trikala waiting for autumn, the season of cabbage and little lambs - the two main components of this dish.

Ingredients for Forikol

Step by step instruction of cooking Forikol

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The required ingredients.

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Wash the meat and cut into large chunks.
Cabbage cut into round slices with a thickness of about 25 mm. to make sure that it was sealed with the portion of the stem. I have so failed.

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In a pan place a layer of cabbage, cabbage meat, salt and pepper and optional flour 1 tsp.
Then repeat the layers until all the ingredients.
Pour water, cover and put on fire. As soon as you begin "gurgle", reduce the heat to low and cook with the LID CLOSED 2.5 hours.

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The finished dish spread on a plate, and you can optionally serve with boiled potatoes, watering sauce with his meat.
I boiled the peeled potatoes.

Bon appetit!

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The color of food is not very presentable, but the taste is excellent!