Lean mayonnaise "a Christmas mood"

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So it turns out that the new year holidays, we agree with the post. And by chance, on the Internet, I came across a recipe for vegetable mayonnaise! The search engine gave only 2 and my recipe is different from them. I think for fasting it is very useful! In the no eggs, milk, and it is non-greasy because it contains little vegetable oil, and taste is not inferior to the usual! Happy New Year!

Ingredients for Lean mayonnaise "a Christmas mood"

Step by step instruction of cooking Lean mayonnaise "a Christmas mood"

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Flour weight to give a well to cool.
In a container pour 8 tbsp raises. or olive oil, 3 tbsp prepared mustard ( next time I will add the 2.5 tbsp, for me it turned out tangy, and my son-in-law, "lover of mayonnaise," really liked it), 3 or 3.5 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tsp salt and 2 tbsp sugar.
Beat with a mixer about 2 minutes and gradually over 3-4 times enter the weight of flour, still whisking.
All our Lenten mayonnaise is ready!

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I got a full 800 ml Bank and ramekin 150 ml.