Pancake batter from a bread machine

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I love my bread machine! Makes everything so easy. Scored the products, she prepares bread, muffin or pastry. Here and try to adapt to her different baking recipes. Found on a pack of yeast the recipe Droitwich pancakes and has tested on HP. "first!" the recipe also will lead for those who have no HP. These is a pancake on the website is not found, so add your own. But it turned out they izumitelnyi and not much fat, because the composition of the test oil no. As the dough stretches like a pita. Go!

Ingredients for Pancake batter from a bread machine

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancake batter from a bread machine

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Ready pancakes served with tea with cream, jam or condensed milk. Well, more than anything, loved.

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Pancakes rise well and come out with "dimpled" structure inside. Bon appetit!

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The instructions for my bread maker it first loaded liquid products, and then dry. Pour a Cup breadmaker milk. Add salt.

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Whisk egg with a fork with sugar. I love savoury muffins and pancakes, so sugar took only 40 grams. If you like sweet, then take more. And for sweet, you can add in the dough vanilla sugar.

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Add the flour and the yeast, put the bowl in the appliance mode "dough".

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Half an hour later the dough is ready.

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Fry pancakes in vegetable oil on a well heated pan.

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Two sides, of course :)