Jellied stuffed pike and Zander

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Whether You love the stuffed pike? Juicy, tender and flavorful? I love it! Now imagine this magnificence in the fish jelly in the neighborhood with pieces of pike perch, on a platter surrounded by other Goodies on the festive Christmas table! The recipe, of course, time-consuming and the time is long, but very tasty! Especially for fish lovers! For a very "lazy" Housewives!

Ingredients for Jellied stuffed pike and Zander

Step by step instruction of cooking Jellied stuffed pike and Zander

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For a start I would like to see that in the ingredients list, there are pike and walleye, so had to write pike, and fish, meaning fish walleye. So. Clean and cut in fillets of walleye. I fish cleaned at the market, you only have to cut pileski. Or you can just buy ready-made fillet. Bones and heads (without gills) is not discarded.

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Take the pot or container, equal in length to the length of the fillet. I took an oblong glass container with a lid. Vystelim the bottom baking paper, lay perch fillet in a single layer skin side down (if cut is important to keep the skin), a little add salt, pour the water to fillet was covered, close the lid, put in a preheated 200 degree oven and cook for 20 minutes.

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Here is the finished fillet. Cools it. The cover is not open, so as not savetsila.

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Remove from pike (purified from the scales, of course) skin. It is removed very easily, the main thing - do not rush. First, cut off the head, remove the entrails carefully, then circle cut the skin from the meat, wrap the skin to the outside and remove her stockings, slowly and cutting with a knife in those places where separated difficult. It is important to remove the whole skin without the holes. The tail of the cut bone and turn the stocking back. It turns out the bag.

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Soak in milk white bread (my home).

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Cut from the ridge pike fillet, fill it with soy sauce "Kikkoman" let stand 15 minutes.

Шаг 7

Pass through a meat grinder a piece of fat meat, pike, two large onions, soaked bread. Add in minced cream, egg, salt and pepper. Thoroughly mix with your hands.

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Carefully fill with stuffing the skin of the perch. Do not try to tightly fill the meat, so when cooked the skin not cracked. Filled, put the skin on the foil, put the head, slightly grease with mayonnaise.

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Wrap tightly and put into the oven heated to 200 degrees, for about an hour.

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Then remove from the oven, cool it down without turning. Now ready for the pike. It is, of course, you can eat at this stage, but we will go further.

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While baked pike, cooked in the broth. For the broth I took the head off the salmon, the head and the spine of pike and ridge pike. Cover everything with cold water, put over high heat, allow to boil, immediately the fire diminish to a minimum, sprinkle with salt, put the onion, peppercorns, Bay leaf and cook in low poblikuvani 1 hour. If you cook on high heat, the broth will become cloudy and have to do a quickdraw with eggs. Ready broth is filtered through 4 layers of cheesecloth. This is the finished broth. Cools it.

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In a small part of the cooled broth to soak the gelatin, wait until it swells, heat it (not boil) to dissolve. All the time stir not to burn. Pour in prepared broth.

Шаг 13

Begin to collect the aspic. Put in a dish pieces of walleye and pike stuffed, pour a little broth and put in a cold place until firm.

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Lay out decoration, pouring on them a tea spoon of broth, give again to harden.

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Then pour the broth completely. I have some decorations "swam", so I secured them with toothpicks. When you remove the toothpick from the frozen meat, turn them around their axis and drag up. So the surface of the filler is not damaged. Give the filler to completely harden and can be served on the table! From the specified quantity of products turned out three such dishes in aspic.

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Enjoy all of the Christmas appetite! Happy holiday, my dear!