Economy Rolls "inside out" cuts

90 - 60 минут 6 порции

I long time did not dare to cook rolls. After the first failed attempt, the desire was gone for a long time. But then I decided to do a economy option, went to the store and ask the price... iiii want you to know that you can make decent cuts and stay within 400 RUB In the ingredients write the approximate prices at which I bought the products. So, you are welcome.

Ingredients for Economy Rolls "inside out" cuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Economy Rolls "inside out" cuts

Шаг 1

Prepare all we need for a pleasant and exciting process of folding rolls:
Crab sticks, cucumber and salmon cut into long wedges.
Shrimp boil in salted water and clean.
Nori cut in half.
In a plate we have already prepared the rice mixed with rice vinegar.
Wrap the bamboo Mat with plastic wrap so nothing sticks))
Find the house with a sharp knife.
In a bowl pour the rice vinegar we need it to moisten your hands and knife.

Шаг 2

Will tell you how at home to cook rice vinegar. A recipe with me on the BIG secret he shared the familiar Korean, trading in the market different delicious Korean salads.
So, in a glass of water add a spoon of vinegar and put in the microwave high for 30 sec, or "wonderful" the smell will fill your kitchen))) To the heated mixture, add sugar and stir well, and bring to your taste. Rice vinegar is ready!

Шаг 3

The most fascinating.
Take a sheet of nori shiny side down. Put on a bamboo Mat (Mat) is sprayed over the hands with vinegar rice, take the rice, form a ball and evenly spread on the nori, leaving a small strip without rice (seen in the photo). Cover the top edge of the Mat and presses. Turn nori with rice so that the edge without rice was again closer to you.

Шаг 4

This is we roll with shrimp, cheese and cucumber.

Шаг 5

He is cut.

Шаг 6

This with salmon and cucumber

Шаг 7

But and meats. )))
Cucumber and cream cheese inside, salmon outside
Shrimp, cucumber, cheese
Crab sticks, cheese, caviar
Salmon, shrimp, cucumber
Cucumber, salmon
Salmon, cheese, shrimps, crab sticks
Total we got 37 with a piece of roll ( 37 because in the process I have tried them.
The amount spent on products, 413. And calculate how much it costs at the sushi bar.
But I can tell you that sushi bars I go to have not stopped still it has its own atmosphere and its ingredients, most of which we have not sold.
But for small parties it cuts perfectly)))
Maybe something I forgot, but you ask.
Good luck to everyone!

Шаг 8

Here you can see a bit of the sauce.