Meatballs in tomato sauce

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My family are all meat eaters. Every night at dinner, my consumers are not just meat, but definitely something new and delicious. Today for dinner I decided to cook meatballs, the kind that never cooked. In the morning engaged in reading various cooking magazines and books. And found what I was looking for. The dinner was a success. My family were delighted, but they have me even the fussiest of eaters and foodies. So, without further ADO, enjoy the recipe.

Ingredients for Meatballs in tomato sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Meatballs in tomato sauce

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A piece of lean beef twice passed through a meat grinder. Add the breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and egg. Forcemeat mix well and repel. Shape the meatballs the size of a ball ping pong.

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And then, as it usually happens - the most interesting place we turn off the light. But that does not stop me and I continue to cook. Although the quality of the future images I apologize in advance.

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In pitch darkness, lighting his way with a flashlight from a cell phone and you fry meatballs in a small amount of oil until Golden brown. Fried meatballs spread on a plate.

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Onions finely shred dice. Celery and carrots grate on a fine grater (I have 2 of garlic cloves rubbed - I love it). Fry everything until soft.

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Now add wine, juice of half a lemon. Mash tomatoes with a fork and add to the pan, I used tomato paste - 2 tbsp dissolved in 100 g of water. All simmer for 5-7 minutes, then add salt, pepper, seasoned with Basil. Spread in the pan our meatballs.

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After put the meatballs in the sauce. Cover the pan with a lid. Fire diminish to a minimum and leave to stew for 25 minutes. Ready meatballs and sprinkle with parsley.