Taste the tradition

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Everyone has "the one" taste of childhood. For me it's Granny's pasties. No matter how many recipes I have not tried it,"the one" - always a favorite. And though recipes much, I decided to share with you the tradition of his family.

Ingredients for Taste the tradition

Step by step instruction of cooking Taste the tradition

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1. Sift 3 cups flour, mix with salt. Make a deepening in the middle.
2. Heat milk, melt in it the butter.

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3. Pour the hot milk with the butter, beat the egg, pour in the vodka. From the edges to the center, gradually mix all the ingredients. And, gradually adding the remaining 0.5 cups of flour, knead elastic dough.
4. Wrap with foil and put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Шаг 3

5. Onions for stuffing, I always chopped, not was milled in a blender. I think that it makes the taste more spicy.
6. Kefir is better to spare, he will make the filling very juicy and tender.
7. Dvaleti salt, spices. Mix all the ingredients.

Шаг 4

8. Take 1/3 of the dough (the rest back in the fridge). To form a sausage and divide it into 10-12 balls.
To do the same with remaining dough.

Шаг 5

9. Council. If you have no special stuff for sculpting pasties, will help ordinary deep dish or saucer. Made, pressed, cut off the excess.

Шаг 6

10. I do not advise to sculpt more than three pasties in advance, the filling can soften the dough, and it will burst during frying.

Шаг 7

11. Well calcinate the pan. Oil should be not very much.
12. Be sure to put paper towels in container, which will put the pasties. This will prevent unnecessary oil!

Шаг 8

13. Fry on medium heat for 40-60 seconds on each side. Filling excellent time to fry, most importantly, not to put too much. Enough teaspoon.