Salt-free bread

341 - 150 минут 7 порции

Floridly bread. Very healthy and tasty bread. Can't say that bland or tasteless, no it is perfectly suited to any product, emphasizing its taste and staying in the shade.

Ingredients for Salt-free bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Salt-free bread

Шаг 1

The serum is heated to 30 degrees and dissolve the yeast.

Шаг 2

Add the remaining ingredients and make the dough. Put in a warm place to rise, after the first rise punch down and let rise another 40 minutes.

Шаг 3

After the second rise to produce a loaf.

Шаг 4

And give a time for 25-30 minutes. Then put in the oven. For the first 10 minutes, I put on 160 degrees and opened the oven door. During this time, the bread rose even more. Then close the door and set the temperature 180 degrees for 20 minutes! The bread turns out with a crispy crust and tender crumb, perfect for toast. Bon appetit!