Roll meat with rice

159 - 180 минут 5 порции

A dish fit for your festive table and dinner for two. With the coming of our defenders of the Fatherland!

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Ingredients for Roll meat with rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll meat with rice

Шаг 1

For cooking we will need boiled rice, Minced meat, carrots, Onion, eggs, crackers, nuts, butter, vegetable, olive, salt, pepper.

Шаг 2

I used rice TM Mistral, boil the rice in boiling salted water (1:6) and drain in a colander.

Шаг 3

Slice one carrot into small cubes.

Шаг 4

Chop the onion into small cubes.

Шаг 5

In the beef add boiled rice 150 grams.

Шаг 6

To drive 2 eggs.

Шаг 7

Add the chopped onions.

Шаг 8

Add the carrots.

Шаг 9

Add breadcrumbs and walnuts (I grind in a blender, and a knife). Add salt and pepper to taste.

Шаг 10

Grease the pan with butter.

Шаг 11

Put in a baking pan. Pre-heat the oven, putting the temperature to 200, bake for 40 minutes, then reduce to 160 and bake for another 30 minutes. Do not forget to check the readiness, all the different the oven.

Шаг 12

While our meatloaf is baked, make topping. Cut into julienne the remaining carrot.

Шаг 13

In frying pan, pour olive or vegetable oil heat, put the carrots.

Шаг 14

Fry carrots, add chopped onion half-rings.

Шаг 15

Simmer 15 minutes, dobavlaet greens (I have frozen dill).

Шаг 16

You take a glass, on the bottom spread 3 tablespoons of rice, then our vegetables and rice again. Overturn on a plate in which we serve.

Шаг 17

Here is our finished dish.

Шаг 18

Happy holiday and Bon appétit!