Patties lean "For beginners"

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The recipe is simple, but quick pies, the main thing to sculpt smaller, because "grow" when frying as yeast) Oil does not absorb. Remember how long I did not venture to prepare any cakes herself, because with the test, not only were not friends, but were afraid of fire. And the flour was not afraid of me just sweets))) And once took a chance... Now as I wanted pies -got up and did. Mum's recipe is simple, but with the exact proportions.

Ingredients for Patties lean "For beginners"

Step by step instruction of cooking Patties lean "For beginners"

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To break the egg into a bowl, add sour cream, stir well and pour in the yogurt.
You can add a pinch of salt. Add soda and stir for a few minutes, until the mixture increases in size

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Pour a glass of sifted flour, to interfere with a whisk. If the lumps is for a few seconds, stir again) Sift another Cup of flour, stir and say goodbye to the Corolla)

Шаг 3

Now it is the turn of the third Cup of flour, to disturb better with a wooden spoon or spatula.

Шаг 4

The fourth Cup of flour sifted on the table, put the dough with a spatula and promosite until it almost stops You to stick)

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Today I have potato pies. I fry onions in a mixture of rust. and butter in a minute salted fried onions, so he quickly gave up her juice and softened. Interfere with boiled potatoes + salt and pepper. Salted "too" good otherwise the ready-made, almost fresh pies - the filling will seem insufficiently.

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On one of the cakes, I put a full teaspoon of filling, mold and replusive.
This is how I mold...

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But this get!
And oil almost does not absorb, I think this point will offend many)))

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Help yourself!