Buckwheat muffins "poor thing" or fast food at home

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Eateries buckwheat muffins nachinai sausages, sausages, fish or chicken (like me) sticks that can be cooked in minutes in the microwave.

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Ingredients for Buckwheat muffins "poor thing" or fast food at home

Step by step instruction of cooking Buckwheat muffins "poor thing" or fast food at home

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To egg mixture add nut flour and buckwheat flour to the consistency of thin cream. The dough is put in greased molds two-thirds, in the middle of the "insert" stuffing. Send formochki in the microwave on normal mode for 4 minutes. Guided by their microwave, they are all different-mine, for example, power is not showing.

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For decoration, meanwhile, wash tomatoes and cut them diagonally, then in pairs put on the skewer, in order to get something remotely resembling a heart. In General, for these purposes more suitable oblong cherry, but we have to store somehow all rounded.

Шаг 3

Cheese cut into thin plastics. Take out the muffins from the molds, put on top a slice of cheese and send it back in the microwave for another half a minute to melt the cheese.

Шаг 4

The cheese is melted-sprinkle the top with sesame seeds and paste each on a skewer with tomatoes.

Шаг 5

For cupcakes we need buckwheat flour, which we naturally get from buckwheat groats "Mistral". The proportions I will not lie, because the ground half a pack in the future)))in General buckwheat grind in a blender into flour. The blender I have is ancient and polunochenko, so I grind for a long time, stirring occasionally, shaking and tapping glohnuschey the blender.

Шаг 6

Three break eggs, add to them vegetable oil, milk and salt. With a whisk, beat until smooth, millions of bubbles we do not need.

Шаг 7

Walnuts are viewed carefully for remnants of the shell. Pay attention to it, because recently due to my carelessness, eating pilaf with raisins and nuts, my MCH broke a tooth ( (in General a handful of nuts also grind them into flour.