Roast pork quick "Lemon timanna"

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Want to try the juicy lemon temannya slices of pork? Yes, and with a crispy crust? And not to spend the day marinating and roasting for hours? All cooking will take about forty minutes? Say, is this impossible? Possible! This recipe I invented myself, but inspired me to him, my beloved Nigella Lawson. She peeked idea, and then everything improved, at its discretion and taste. What happened to you, friends, who are interested to watch.

Ingredients for Roast pork quick "Lemon timanna"

Step by step instruction of cooking Roast pork quick "Lemon timanna"

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After the meat has pajarillos, put the steaks into the form, after adding back the sauce. And on top of another leak. Let them lie down. Meat should be given time to rest.

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5-7 minutes to turn...

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At this stage it is possible to remove the meat in the refrigerator, tighten the film. Or foil - no difference. And it can stand two days.
Well, if today, direct feeding is necessary, then cut into pieces a La carte and in the oven - 180 centigrade, about 30 minutes. And constantly pour the juice, the more water will be, the chic will come. But the sauce there will be a lot.