Marinated ventricles

75 - 180 минут 6 порции

This is a wonderful recipe I found on some website, decided to try it and never regret it! It's delicious, fast, festive and very even for a snack! Try it, you will not regret!

Ingredients for Marinated ventricles

Step by step instruction of cooking Marinated ventricles

Шаг 1

The ventricles to wash out and boil in slightly salted water until ready (that was nice). Remove chumovitskay and cool (broth is not needed, can use it at their discretion).

Шаг 2

Now cut the stomachs into strips.

Шаг 3

Add roughly chopped onion, soy sauce and sugar. Pepper and stir.

Шаг 4

Now in the pan heats sunflower oil and pour in the stomachs, trying to water them all. Add finely chopped or passed through a garlic press garlic, chopped herbs and vinegar (no vinegar of 5%, dilute approximately one-to-one 9% - so 30 ml. of boiled water and 30 ml of vinegar 9%.). Now taste for salt, if a little potseluem and the spiciness is not for everybody. And put in the fridge overnight! Bon appetit!