The mango mousse and kiwi

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This easy to prepare dessert has a delicate, refreshing taste, sweetness of the mango softened sour kiwi, and cottage cheese turns it into the option of a light Breakfast. In the spring it is necessary not only vitamins, but also positive emotions, and this mousse will give them to you.

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthday

Ingredients for The mango mousse and kiwi

Step by step instruction of cooking The mango mousse and kiwi

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Already took pictures of the products that were going to use two mangoes, but it turned out that a foetus is clearly not necessary. Photo to change it was too late. As the cream cheese I used ricotta, cooked according to the recipe Lely, Bilstein, that she was a low bow.

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Mango and kiwi fruit peel, mango, remove the stone, chop the fruit into small pieces, leaving a little for decoration. Place in the bowl of a blender, add the powdered sugar.
Gelatin to dissolve in 100 ml of cold boiled water.

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Mashed potatoes whipped with cheese and enter the dissolved gelatin.

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Put the resulting mass into a glass (bowl, bowls, molds), add firmly whipped egg whites, then mix well.

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Cool about an hour (can be longer) in the fridge. Decorate with sliced mango and kiwi, mint leaves and chocolate shavings.