Tilapia with grape sauce

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A great option of cooking tilapia. Nice to combine with a glass of dry white wine.

Ingredients for Tilapia with grape sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Tilapia with grape sauce

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Wash the fish and cut crosswise in half each piece.
Prepare the filling in a blender: chop the bread with herbs, Parmesan and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
On the bottom of the form laid paper d/baking, brush with olive oil.
Lay out 7 of the halves of the fish, on top of each piece - stuffing of bread and herbs. Beauty...

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And cover the filling second half of the fish, it looks awesome, I want to eat it raw... but no... coat the top piece with oil, cover the form with foil and duhovochku for 15 minutes.
Then remove the foil and another 5 minutes in the oven...

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All the fish is ready!

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But the tzimmes grape sauce: when it will be added to the fish, you will realize that not in vain tried!
To make the sauce in a blender: mix grapes, sour cream, salt, pepper and mint. Before serving put in the refrigerator.