Braised quail with mushrooms

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The dish is something between a first dish and the second. Unusual taste of quail with brightly colored mushroom accent. A tasty and healthy dish easy cooking. It's very simple and very tasty.

Ingredients for Braised quail with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Braised quail with mushrooms

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My quails. fill with water ( so that would cover the game in half). Put to cook on slow heat for 30 minutes with covered lid. Periodically stir, turn over the quails and remove the foam.

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Wash and peel the vegetables. Cut. saute in vegetable oil.

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For a few minutes until done add all seasonings and parsley. After a couple of minutes turn off the fire. The cover is not open! and let it be for another 40 minutes... and best of hour.

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Ended up with a stew. Bon appetit