Tender muffin

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Very tasty, light and fluffy muffin. The boy is a bit like recipes, but I can not publish your favorite recipe.

Ingredients for Tender muffin

Step by step instruction of cooking Tender muffin

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Products needed for cooking muffins.

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Milk to heat up to 40-45 degrees (required)
The oil should be soft. Nuts are good to grind. (that would not pieces) put ingredients in bucket of bread machine according to your instructions. In my X/P first milk, salt, sugar, eggs, butter.

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Then add the ground nuts, flour and yeast. Mode "Sweet bread" or a program that for the duration of baking at least 3 hours and 20 minutes. Weight 1 kg, light crust.

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At the signal, S/P fall asleep necessarily washed and dried raisins.