Nut "cheese"

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Honestly for cheese in this dish does not look like... but for some reason raw foodists call it that way... Well, in any case, it's something new and interesting. In my opinion, it's a snack, toppings, with unusual nutty flavor. Try it, you might like it)))

Ingredients for Nut "cheese"

Step by step instruction of cooking Nut "cheese"

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The beginning of the recipe can be found here
http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/733 36/
Who has not read, let me tell briefly. At night, soak any nuts, in my case almonds, 150 gr. In the morning, the water is drained, put into the blender, add 300 ml of pure water, and whisk it all till the formation of white milk.
Then filter the resulting liquid through cheesecloth, the resulting cake and milk.
The milk we drink))) and cake start to make our cheese.

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Add the spices, I have pepper, turmeric, dill, dry, linseed oil and lemon juice, Yes, even salt. Mix thoroughly and mold

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The mold turned, the cheese turned out decorated. Decorated and you can eat.
Bon appetit!