Passata tomato

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This Italian sauce I would call universal, it is the base of many Italian recipes and one of the most favorite and delicious dishes. It can be cooked as soups, and dishes with pasta, add to pizza.

Ingredients for Passata tomato

Step by step instruction of cooking Passata tomato

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The basis for the sauce, take the diced tomato Pomito. It really is the perfect base for our sauce. I allowed myself to slightly change the recipe in terms of number of ingredients. Instead of 2500 g took 1000g.

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Carrots (I had 1 large) clean and cut into thin slices. Onions 1 head cut into large cubes. Celery (I had frozen) and garlic is 2 cloves can be cut arbitrarily.

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Lay out tomatoes in a container in which to cook vegetables. Add all the chopped vegetables to the tomatoes. Add the olive oil, salt to taste, pepper and mix.

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Cook over high heat, stirring constantly, for about 7-10 minutes, warming up slices of tomato with a spatula. After the fire, turn down to medium and cook 40 minutes, stirring occasionally, the vegetables, the lid is not closed.

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While stew the vegetables in a separate pan olive oil and sauté the onion 1 small head garlic 2 cloves until light Golden brown, then lightly season with salt, add ground pepper, chopped Basil (ideally fresh, small bunch, I had a dried - 10 oz), sugar, cook for about a minute. After add all to the tomatoes and vegetables.

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On low heat simmer for another 30 minutes without closing the lid. Cool stewed vegetables and blend in a blender until smooth. Ready put the Passat into sterile jars and store in the refrigerator.