AI (smoked chicken in an interesting feed)

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This dish belongs to my favorite section of the big (Tasty, Simple, Quick). And if you love Thai touch in food, you will fall in love with this dish, so did I!

Ingredients for AI (smoked chicken in an interesting feed)

Step by step instruction of cooking AI (smoked chicken in an interesting feed)

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So. Three on a coarse grater carrots and ginger. Onion cut into half rings.

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I have no juicer, so I did 2 orange and squeezed the juice from them.

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Sorry the next photo I have, but all just to ugliness. Take the half from orange and extract from it the pieces that were completely cleaned from the skin, bones and films. Simply put, we need the flesh of an orange.

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In this recipe chef used some smoked beef, but go find it in our area. So we take smoked chicken leg quarters and cut them as you like.

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Well my lemon and take off with a zest.

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In a well-heated pan pour vegetable oil. Lay first the onion, then the ginger, carrot and saute on low heat for about two minutes.

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Next, spread the vegetables the chicken, pour orange juice, lemon zest and orange pulp, mix well and simmer on slow heat for about 20 -25 minutes ( depending on your stove), stirring occasionally. I have a pressure cooker, so I put everything into it, for 10 minutes. The chicken needs to absorb all the flavors.

Шаг 8

Everything is ready. What flavor and color...

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Garnish any. For myself – white beans, for men pasta. Like I said, VPB (Tasty, Simple, Quick).

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AI – a mixture of meats, citrus (orange + lemon) and ginger...mmm...delicious!