Frozen dill

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Dill I'm doing for the winter flavored ice cubes. America will not open, but maybe someone such preform useful for dill now is the season.

Ingredients for Frozen dill

Step by step instruction of cooking Frozen dill

Шаг 1

dill rinse under running water, dry

Шаг 2

finely chop and put in the cells forms ice

Шаг 3

cells to fill to 2/3 (to leave room for liquid)

Шаг 4

pour into each cell of boiled water, cover with wrap and place in the freezer

Шаг 5

get here are aromatic cubes. Put them in a container for storage of the freeze (in a plastic bag is undesirable). At any time you can get a dice and use in soups, borscht, sauces, gravies...