Salad "Easter cake"

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Last year on Easter I was able to surprise their loved salad in the form of an Easter cake. They have long been used to my antics and make my salads in the form of some figures, but this time do not understand what is on the table is not cake, and salad. Try it and you will surprise your family!

Ingredients for Salad "Easter cake"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Easter cake"

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To prepare this salad we need a can of canned mushroom 850g (such as banks can use peaches or pineapples). The Bank to cut on both sides.
On a dish in the center put the jar and put the salad layers:
potatoes, grated, mayonnaise — chicken with green onions, mayonnaise again,

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Then a layer of boiled carrots grated on a grater.

Шаг 3

Next, lay out a layer of mushrooms with green onions. Mayonnaise.

Шаг 4

Share whites and yolks. Squirrels leave to decorate the top, and the yolks put the mushrooms.

Шаг 5

So repeat layers to the top, do not forget to grease with mayonnaise. The salad for 1-2 hours put into the fridge, then remove the jar.

Шаг 6

Grind crackers in a food processor into a powder. Salad daubed with a thin layer of mayonnaise, large pieces of crackers put on top to give the cake volume, and the fine paste neatly around the cake.