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Pie "Riddle Of The East"


Cake recipe adapted multivarku "Panasonic", but I'm sure this recipe can be used for any slow cooker, most importantly during cooking to check the readiness of the cake with a wooden stick, if the stick is dry, and it did not stick, the cake is ready! The cake turned out with a creamy aroma and delicate flavor of halva! "As you may say "paste" in the mouth will not become sweeter".

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Ingredients for Pie "Riddle Of The East"

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Step 1

Sugar and eggs, beat in a homogeneous mass with a mixer.

Step 2

On a coarse grater three halva and mix with all ingredients.

Step 3

The Cup multivarki grease with butter, pour into it the dough. Put multivarku mode "Baking" on 65 minutes. Focus on Your slow cooker, periodically checking the readiness of the pie. Verushka pie to throw in white or dark melted chocolate