Meat muffins with quail eggs

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This morning, as I have wondered what we eat for dinner! The Internet to help us and now I'm buying the essential products on cold muffins. Recipe found on the website"home Cooking", little has changed and that's what I got!!!

Ingredients for Meat muffins with quail eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat muffins with quail eggs

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Cut the onion into cubes, carrots three on a coarse grater.

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And fry in vegetable oil.

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Quail eggs boil. Cheese RUB on a large grater.

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The mushrooms are roasted until tender.

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In a bowl put beef, browned vegetables, mushrooms, salt and pepper, egg, Khmeli-suneli, cream. Are well mixed. Eggs cleaned.

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In the silicone form put some of the mince, top with quail egg. And covered more of the meat, completely covering the egg.

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The oven warmed up to 180 gr. and sent our cupcakes for 40-50 min. For 15 minutes until cooked sprinkle with grated Dutch cheese.

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Our dinner is ready! Bon appetit! Turned out very tender and juicy muffins! And purest-simply delicious!

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Stuffing, I twisted myself (not very well, I trust the finished meat). In the original, the author offers swine-ground beef. But I little thought I bought chicken and I was right.

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And of course the new scales weighed 500 grams.