Green asparagus in 10 minutes

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Very simple and sooo delicious! I did not expect that asparagus could be so! Green asparagus is very suitable garnish for fish and meat (steak, for example) and, due to its unusual appearance and unobtrusive taste, "fit" even in a romantic dinner ;)

Ingredients for Green asparagus in 10 minutes

Step by step instruction of cooking Green asparagus in 10 minutes

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Asparagus needs a good wash and remove excess water with paper towels. Probably all already know that the lower part of asparagus you want to remove because of its hardness.

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How to know how much to cut? Very simple! You need to take the asparagus a little below the middle (but not quite at the base) and bend. She immediately breaks down and exactly where it should! The tip discarded, and the main part can be used as a template to cut the rest of asparagus (or, you know, all the tips break off in this way).

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Heat up a pan (on medium heat), spread butter, add olive oil. Olive oil to butter does not begin to burn. When SL. the butter has melted, add the sugar (just 2 pinches) salt (to taste). Spread the asparagus, fry in oil 2 minutes (fire is not added).

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Council. Preferably, but not necessarily that the pan was large diameter. Then the asparagus will not be one over the other, which ensures the quality of cooking.

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Then add water and cover the pan with a lid. Simmer 3 minutes. Then remove the lid, add the fire to the maximum and stew (or already got?) asparagus for 1 minute, until almost no liquid.

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Bon appetit!